Monday, May 18, 2015

Golden Week

Ben's 20!

Make a Wish!

Hello again!

Well we had a great week here in the mish! It has been great to be here with Elder Rodriguez. We are hoping to achieve so much here. Every single day since the changes we have put at least one new baptismal date so that has been awesome. We are both used to being senior companion and leaders and directing everything so we have had to get use to this a little bit working together and both of us sharing the burden. 

We were able to establish bap. dates starting this week for every week for the next 5 weeks so hopefully that all goes well. This Sunday we will baptize Joselyn and Alejandra who are awesome and super prepared they are 18 and 16 yrs old and are golden and keep all the commitments so hopefully everything goes well with them this week. 

We have lots of promising investigators to teach and had lots at church yesterday, but only about half of those that told us that they would go. We are working with one from San Diego and she mostly speaks English and went to church and really liked it and was thinking about going back to Cali on Friday but now that she went to church is rethinking it and might stay to keep learning more. Samantha (our investigator from Tremonton) went back to Utah :( So that was sad but oh well its better for her. There were days this week that we were just so happy and surprised as we finished them because we were meeting all of our goals, new gators, new bap dates, and we were just laughing and having fun the whole time. Its been pretty great. 

I know these next 10 weeks aren't gonna be easy, I'm gonna love them but I'm sure there will be tests and obstacles but we are gonna keep working and loving the mission and praying to meet our goals. 

Today a member from E Rodriguez's old ward took us to downtown Mexico City and showed us a really turisty flea market type part and I bought lots of awesome Mexico souvenirs. I found an awesome elephant I was so excited so now my mission is complete :) haha jkjk So today was fun and the time just keeps going by faster and faster and before I know it its all gonna be over. 

Love you all, sounds like your all keeping busy at home which is great, good luck Brandi with the home searching hope you find an awesome house, don't settle for less, and if you don't, that means you have to stay in Cache Valley :) Congrats Britt on ANOTHER girl! That's crazy! I'm excited for you guys. 

Have an awesome week!

Elder Elgan

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