Thursday, May 7, 2015

Gone for a Swim

Hola Familia Happy May!

Well we had another great week, it sure flew by like all of them do and this will be me and Elder de la Cruz´s last week together :( Its bitter sweet I guess :) But this week was awesome, we had our 3 baptisms yesterday and it felt so good to see those fruits of our labors. We baptized Yolanda, Leonor, and Jose Dolores. I baptized Leonor and Jose Dolores and it was awesome. . BUT I completely BIFFED IT going into the baptismal font on the slippery stairs and kinda baptized myself!! Ha it was kinda embarrassing, freaking gringo. haha. But anywho after all was said and done all of us came out of the font good as new :) Jose Dolores is 71 and was crying like the whole time, he's super awesome and it was a good spiritual experience. After we all went to Yolanda's place and celebrated with some tostadas. ;)

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we were in divisions with other missionaries in my district and that went really well, it made the week go by extra fast. I went to our ZLs area and it was good, I was nervous leaving my comp in the area but he did really great and taught 12 lessons that day. I have taught him so well :) haha 2 missionaries in my district go home this Saturday and are so dead and don't wanna work much and I'm trying to help them but this will be the last week of struggling with them :)

Yes so transfers are next Tuesday on my birthday (hopefully the Lord gives me a nice present) and pday will be the next on Wednesday so I will write on that day. But first we will talk on Sunday! Yay I'm excited for that, I was wanting you guys to tell me the time but would like 5-6 my time be good?? Hope so, if not let me know. 

I'm super sore because on Saturday we did a service and we knocked out some cement/tile bars that some members had on the outside of their house because they used to sell tacos. They were filled with rebar but we knocked them all out with a big sludge hammer and it was fun, I quite enjoyed it but my body is not used to that kind of work right now so I'm kinda sore. haha. 

I'm not sure if I'll have changes or if my comp will but either way it will be good, we have lots of investigators and are expecting lots of success in the next few months :) But that should just about do it, everything sounds busy as ever at home so that's good. I guess I will SEE you guys on Sunday!!!

Love Elder Elgan

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