Monday, May 25, 2015

Ups & Downs

Happy Monday!

Hello again! Well we had another pretty great week! It had some serious ups and downs that's for sure. The first 4 days of the week were awesome and by Thursday we had already taught 40 lessons and had put new bap dates, contacted tons so we were on a roll but then one day Elder Rodriguez was getting a little dizzy then he fainted in the street and was out of it for out 3 minutes I wasn't close enough to catch him and we think he hit his head. After he starting throwing up like crazy so we had to take him to the hospital and they did a bunch of tests and gave him lots of drugs. He doesn't have anything serious but is recovering with a bit of nausea. Saturday night Presidente Anaya took us to the mission home because we didn't leave the hospital until about 10:30 at night. Sunday morning we couldn't even come to our church services because we were so far away and went to a different stake conference with Pres and Hna Anaya then came back to the area. 

So that was kinda a distraction but by the end of the week we taught 56 lessons so not to bad and had 4 investigators in church which was great considering we didn't even go. Our baptism got postponed because Joselyn and Alejandras grandpa is in the hospital and they want him to be there so hopefully everything goes well with him this week so he can leave and they can be baptized on Sunday. Going to presidents house reminded me that there are actually cool and beautiful parts of this city, just not in our mission. haha 

We are working hard, it hasn't been easy but the days and weeks are going by so fast because we are just enjoying working together and this work and are trying to take advantage of the short time we have left. 

Today we had a zone activity but we only stayed for the first part because E Rodriguez had to go see the doctor of the Mexico area but everything is fine and he is back to normal. We ate in Sam's club, cleaned the house, went shopping and all the normal pday goodness. 

I was in the offices today gossiping with the senior couple missioneries that are there asking if they have the travel plans for us yet but he said not yet, but soon. But you guys will most likely know before I do, and maybe soon he will be calling home to confirm the airport and what not with you guys. 

Sounds like everything is good at home, busy, here as well which is good. Love you all and hope y'all have a great week!

Elder Elgan

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