Monday, June 15, 2015

Another Week Gone

Hola Again!

Well it was another crazy good/fast week here in sunny Mexico. The work has been hard but we have had some really good moments that just make it all worth it. I am kind of frustrated with the fact that in these past 4 weeks our baptisms have fallen through 2 days before Sunday with lots of different investigators. ahh Why must it happen? I have no idea but I feel like our last cycle we are going to see the fruits and we are gonna finish the mission happy and with lots of success. :) This is the last week of the transfer and then there is only one more cycle and its all over. Can't believe it. So next week I will write on Wednesday with all the changes with transfers and what not. 

We are teaching an investigator, Fanny, who we found through her less active husband. They are awesome and are so willing to accept and live the gospel. They went to church and in the afternoon we took them to the visitors center. We took them through the tour of the families/temples and then watched meet the Mormons. It was so awesome! They loved it and so did I. They have to get married first but we are excited about her baptism in the coming weeks. Joselyn and Alejandras baptisms have been postponed until July because their uncle that is gonna baptize them can't come until then. . oh well. We have lots of great investigators and lots went to church so we are excited to keep working with them and and enjoy this last transfer with loads of success. :D

This week we helped a less active member paint his Burger joint. (See pics) We started teaching his wife as well who isn't a member. I love doing service cuz it reminds me of doing projects at home. The paint is awful his color choice hideous but oh well it was a good time. haha. 

This ward has been pretty difficult, there are not many faithful members here. haha We have had problems with our investigators for crappy members examples but oh well we are trying, and finally have a somewhat effective ward council going.

Everything sounds crazy at home like usual. That's sad that Brandi and Brandon are moving so far away. . I want to see pics of the new house! Washington D.C sounds like a fun place for the Powell's this summer sounds like your getting all settled in. Josh I know how you feel in Oklahoma walking all day in the hot sun. . so much fun. haha Dad don't have too much fun this week on your luxurious work vacation in England. :) 

Crazy I got my itinerary! It seems so close now. I get in at a good time, around 3:00 so that ll be awesome. 

Well I love you all, and have a super great week!

Elder Elgan

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