Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy June!


Well this week sure flew by, they all do now. This week had lots of ups and downs but overall it was pretty good. We are working hard and seeing lots of fruits but we still need to work even harder. This week we managed to teach 60 lessons which was awesome but Daniels baptism fell through which was a bummer. But oh well nothing we can do about it, this week we are going to work hard and hopefully have Joselyn, Alejandra, and Daniel's baptisms on Sunday. Hope all goes well. 

It always makes me happy to see and feel that the Lord is guiding our steps and directing us in the direction that we need to go. We have been able to feel that here in this week and we have been able to find and teach lots of the right people in just the right moments. I really want to love this last part of the mission and that is one of the biggest goals we have and even though enduring to the end might be one of the hardest principles of the Gospel, we continue trying to do our best and have no regrets. :) 

Elder Rodriguez and I are learning how to work in a team and as a united companionship better considering the fact that neither one of us have ever had to give in to our companions ways. We are both strong willed and sometimes we have different wills but oh well we are good friends and are loving being together and this experience will be good for us!

Everything sounds busy at home, everyone still keeps moving out for summer like usual which is no fun haha. Josh and Kayla's trip to England/France looked awesome. Good work on the stake conference talk Mom, I'm proud :) haha well I guess this is it! 2 months from today I will be home! 

Love you all and have a super fantastic week!
Elder Elgan

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