Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hola :D

Hola Familia!

Well every week just goes by faster and faster and this week was pretty great! The Lord keeps on testing us and our patience with some of our investigators but we keep on pressing forward and we are loving the mission! We are working a ton, and walking even more. This week we taught 56 lessons and we had lots of investigators in church so that was awesome. We found some promising new investigators so we have high hopes for them. 

Yesterday was a good day with lots of new investigators in church and we also went to the visitors center. At the last second our investigators that were gonna go the the vc cancelled so we were running around trying to get people to go because we had planned the whole afternoon for that since its so far away now so we found our recent convert Jose and took him and it was awesome, he is such an awesome guy, he is so converted and wants his family to join the church so bad so we are working on that. :)

This week honestly went by so fast I don't even know what more to say um one day we had divisions and I went with a crazy Dominican in my district so that was fun. Before I looked forward to divisions but now that me and Elder Rodriguez are together we don't ever want to do divisions. haha

Today we went to Buenavista and went ice skating! We ran into Elder Bocanegra and Elder Lopez (both of which have been my comps and are now comps) and were with them for a while which was pretty fun. I thought I was bad at skating but being around a bunch of Mexicans and Latins made me feel better. The only ice they´ve ever seen is in their margaritas so that's kinda a new concept for them. haha Utah pride I guess. 

Well everything sounds great at home, Mom, good job on the bike race! I'm proud. Summertime looks like lots of fun, I miss it but times flying and I only write home 7 more times and I'll be there enjoying with y'all! Its bittersweet I guess, but for now everythings going great here, love you all, be safe, and have a great week!

Love Elder Elgan

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