Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Last Stretch

Hello Again!

Well it has been a pretty good week! (and a half) Yesterday were transfers and me and Elder Rodriguez are officially gonna finish our missions together here in Americas. Crazy! Yes we both go home on August 1. We are really happy about that and are ready for one last cycle. Our first cycle together even though we enjoyed it and it was the fastest cycle yet it was pretty difficult. We had lots of difficulties and tests with our investigators but we have lots of hope for this cycle. We both really wanna finish our missions working, baptizing, and just loving this great work. That's the goal. 

We have lots of good investigators and lots of baptismal dates coming up that we are excited for. We lost our investigator Sara (from Cali) for the crappy example of members in our ward. Ahh I was so mad. Sometimes I get frustrated with this ward because the members sometimes drive the gators away instead of receiving them and putting the example like they should. But oh well so like always there were some ups and downs. This week and the next few we are preparing Ericka, Emily, Katya, Joselyn and Alejandra for their baptisms so we are excited for that. 

Today we went back and visited Martin Carrera and Hidalgo to say goodbye to the converts and members of both of our first areas. That's when Elder Rodriguez and I met each other when we were in those areas. The time is short and we are starting to visit all the old areas to say goodbye. It was crazy being back in Carrera, how fast the time has gone by. I visited a few converts, investigators,  and the Elda's of course. I guess that's the good thing about having such a small mission we get to go back and visit all the areas on pday before going home :) 

Everything sounds good at home. Busy as always which is good. Have fun Mom in DC with Britt and the girls, sounds fun. Kayla, I'm jealous I want to run Ragnar so bad :( haha Brandi and Brandon the house looks nice and I'm glad your getting settled in. I'm sure gonna have to get use to lots of changes when I get home in 5 weeks! A lot happens in 2 years. . 

Dad happy late fathers day! Hope you had a great one. You´ve sure done a great job as a dad, Look at all your beautiful children! :) haha

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week and I will hear from you all again on Monday!

Love Elder Elgan 

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