Monday, March 17, 2014

Adios Carrera!!

The view out our hospital window, we even had a view of the temple 

Elder Bocanegra after surgery

This was our lovely bill at the end of our nice little stay 

and what our zone leader does when he comes to visit 

When we left the hospital

Elder Jensen & Elder Elgan 
(Mexico CityTemple in the background)

Hello everybody,
Well it seems like a while since I have written you guys, and a lot has certainly happened. Where to even start... So the week 2 weeks ago was a really good week. But better than the past weeks (until Monday haha). We did some divisions with my district leader and his companion. Its a nice break when I get to leave and just be junior companion for the day while my comp stays and works in our area. I was a little nervous leaving Bocanegra to run the area for the day, but it turned out all right. I was a little mad when we came back the next day to see that they had broken the bedroom window playing soccer in the house and hadn't even planned what we were going to do that day but its all good. Bocanegra was still sick the whole week with his stomach, but I was better. As always the Elda's were super good to us while we were sick making us the food the doctor told us to eat, and other things (like pancakes mmm). We had a multi zone conference which was good. We traveled in the subway to another zone and had a good conference with President Anaya about how to have power and authority. It rained a lot in that week for some reason, always in the afternoons. Its a wonderful break though from the killing sun. That Sunday was good as well. I played my Kolob arrangement in sacrament meeting and everyone loved it (of course) bc it doesn't exist in Spanish. It was also Teresa's birthday so we partied with them. We ate enchiladas verdes, and cake. We stayed a bit to long, as we were leaving they were pulling out pictionary to play and it made me miss home, playing games and all. I got really in to speaking OP spanish. haha its fun but a lot harder. Bocanegra thinks I'm crazy. These last few weeks have been hovering just over 30 lessons each week. One day I will get 40. haha

So then Monday came. We woke up early to go play futbol in Centenario with the zone. We were playing, and Elder Bocanegra always falls, but this time it was worse. Another Elder tripped him and he went flying through the air right on his left wrist. We don't have the luxury of grass here in the big city, straight cement. At first we didn't think it was that serious. Then a big lump started to form so me and our zone leader took Elder Bocanegra to the hospital. We went to Hospital Angles de Lindavista. Apparently its the best hospital in the entire country. Its is outside of the mission, but very close to my area. We were planning on just getting some drugs, maybe a brace and leaving. But they took x-rays and told him it was fractured pretty good. And he needed surgery that very day. I was a bit surprised. We waited all day for the surgery but the doctor never came so it ended up being the next day. President Anaya came to the hospital and I wrote you guys on his iphone. Elder Bocanegra got to call home, they have to approve the surgery. So the second day in the night he finally had his surgery. He has 5 nails (i cant think of how to say it in English??) and one plate in his arm. Pretty nasty little situation. So we were in the hospital from Monday morning, until Thursday evening. It was a bit boring, but I did enjoy the rest. I ate at the restaurant on the 1st floor every day which was amazing. SO good. Expensive but it was all reembolsable. Other Elders came, and pres came a lot so I could go down and eat. I was alone in the room for 3 hours during his surgery. It was a bit weird. I got food then watched movies :) Being in the hospital affirms that I want to be a surgeon. I love it so much! I wanted to watch his surgery, but they wouldn't let me. The zone leaders came one day and stayed for like 4 hours. One of them went with me to the giant mall across the street, one of the nicest in Mexico City. We walked around and ate breakfast at Starbucks. Then we played chess forever.  But ya. . lots of movies, writing letters, reading, and sleeping. Pretty chill mini vacation. Then the day came to leave. I helped E Boca get all dressed and what not then Pres and Sis Anaya came, payed the $105,000 medical bill then we left. I almost shed some tears when I had to say goodbye to the beautiful bathroom and the amazing food. He took us straight back to Martin Carrera. He said the Elder Bocanegra still has his legs and mouth, so he can work. haha. But he said only go the appointments we have set, we cant proselyte. It really hurts his arm to work much. We have to take lots of taxis. haha like to come home every night.
So ya... the work has been pretty chill. We had a whopping 7 lessons this week. Woo! Almost 40 right?? It will be a rough 12 weeks of recovery for Elder Bocanegra though. We have spent a lot of time with the Elda's. They always want us to be with them now that Elder Bocanegra cant walk much. They're awesome. They are always making us food, giving us money for taxis, watching movies with us and all sorts of good stuff. One day we hadn't gone there and they called us and said we had to come because they missed us. haha Don't know what we would do without them.

We also spent some time preparing a new arrangement to perform, but we didn't have enough time to prepare to do it yesterday in church. It is a super awesome arrangement of Joseph Smiths first prayer I found on the Internet. The piano is hard, but I'm learning it fast. Elder Bocanegra is a super good singer, and it sounds awesome.
Sunday was good. Church flew by for some reason. Maybe its cuz I wasn't starving as usual in church cuz the Elda's brought us croissant sandwich's and juice to eat in between classes. haha I love Hermana Eldas little kids so much. They told me that I was there Dad and were gonna go home with me. I had to go pick them up from their primary class bc now their mom is just their aunt and I am their real parent. haha. They make me miss Maximus, Sadie, Elle, and Nix so bad. We also found out Sunday that our investigator moved to the United States, so that kinda sucks. He has had lots of problems lately, so its probably for the best.
Then today. Super busy. Big News! I'm leaving tomorrow! ahh! I have transfers tomorrow and I am finally saying goodbye to Carrera. I am excited but sad. It seems like I have been in the mission for so long, but only leaving my first area. Elder Bocanegra is super sad that I am leaving, and it will be hard to say goodbye to him as well. He has been an awesome companion. It is gonna be so hard to say goodbye to some of the members. Eldas, Ivan, Rubi, Teresa, don't know if I will make it through. I'm nervous about where I'm gonna go! I'm not training again, and neither is Elder Bocanegra so it will be interesting. . So today I have been running around getting ready to go. Also. . today we played tennis!! Woo! Super fun. Right behind the temple there is a tennis club. Me and my DL played. I told you he played 2nd doubles for Timpview his senior year. We both sucked cuz it has been so long, but still super fun. I am def not in shape and got 2 blisters on my hand, and now my ganglion is hurting but it was worth it! I will send pics. So tonight I have a lot to do to get ready to go but I'm excited!

Well. . think that's about it. Sounds good back at home. Dad have fun on your luxurious vacation in England. haha. Glad you went skiing at least once this year! Don't be getting all old and lazy on me. So your starting riding again? Another Lotoja? How many more? Gracias for the pacakage, I will look for it in the coming weeks. Is it my bday package as well?? Sounds like some fun spring break vacations. Hope everything continues to go well this week!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Elgan

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