Monday, March 24, 2014

Big Changes

The Elda's and The Elder

The new Casa

New comp, Elder Lopez

Hello again everybody,

Well this was definitely a week of big changes. Finally left my first area of Carrera. Thought I was ready for it, but I was very sad to leave. It was really hard to say goodbye to all the members, Elder Bocanegra and the area. After I wrote last week it was all just super sad goodbyes. Then Tuesday came and it was without doubt the hardest day of my mission so far. We ate breakfast with the Elda's and it was super good, but they were crying the whole time, so i was pretty much crying the
whole time. It was rough. Saying goodbye to them was like saying goodbye to all of you guys again, they have just become my family. But I finished up packing after then we headed to our changes meeting. Long story short my new area is industrial. Lots of people think its the nicest zone in the mission, but its not. haha. I am still really close to carrera. I share boundaries with Elder Rodriguez's old area and there is only one other area between me and Carrera. My companion is Elder Lopez. He is from Mexico, about 2 hours from here. He is all right, a little too happy to control himself sometimes. He is the kind of person who is overly happy and positive.  We share a ward with 2 other elders, and all 4 of us are new to the area. It is so rough. President brought us to our area since there was nobody  who knew how to get here. Our house at first I hated it. It is a lot bigger than Carrera, and a little nicer, but the bathroom is 2 times worse. Worse than any gas station bathroom in the entire US, I'm sure of it. But ya. . I got pretty overwhelmed with all the changes Tuesday night and wasn't loving life. The area has some really nice parts, and others not so much. There is one street with some super cool houses, but where we live is like Carrera.

The week continually got better but definitely the hardest week so far. We don't know anybody and the elders before didn't work so there is nothing to go off of. We are basically starting a new area. We worked a lot with the lists of all the members of the ward a lot but it is a long  tiring, ineffective process. I don't like sharing a ward at all with other elders. We all eat together everyday so we stay way too long and get  off on tangents a lot and it is distracting. The other companionship, one is from Logan! And the other from Peru. 

We have found some pretty good investigators. One that is part of a part member family, another who told us that this religion has just always drawn her attention, and another who is our next door neighbor who is pretty cool, but sees us more as friends than missionaries. We have some good  members we have met as well. One lives across the street from us and told us that her house is our house, told us where the key is and said come over whenever you want, doesn't matter if we are here or not. Its good to have nice members like that. For our first weekly planning we only had like 4 names to work with. I am so used to having a million, knowing carrera so well.

For the first few days all I was thinking is that I need to be back in Carrera. I miss it so much. I was so comfortable with everything. I guess that means its time to go. I am now very out of my comfort zone, which is good but hard. I was really thinking that  I wasn't gonna make it through the cycle but I feel better everyday as I meet new people, get adjusted, and make myself comfortable. Something I have learned this week is that if I have a good morning, it will be a good day. If i really focus in my studies and start the day off right it is a much better day. Some of the nights i have talked with Elder Bocanegra, and he is doing well in carrera. It calms me down a lot to talk to him. He was a great companion, I am going to miss him a lot. The Eldas called me as well. haha They said that Zoe especially has had a hard time since I left. Hermana Elda said that she sees me as a father figure, because they don't see their dad. So it was hard for her when I left.

One day we headed to the offices and almost cleaned out the storage room of stuff cuz our house didn't have anything. Really. I don't know how the Elders before us lived. We had the taxi pretty jammed packed coming back. Got a little lost because I didn't know the way back super well, but 70 pesos later we made it. haha

Saturday we had a lot more success. We taught lots of lessons to members, less actives, and investigators. As well as some pretty drugged people, Elder Lopez doesn't like being near them but I like talking to them, as long as its not too crazy.  They make the best converts! Like Ivan for example. We ate some pretty good tacos de barbacoa (big horn sheep, cant think if there is a better word in English) bc lots of the times the members here just give us the money to go and eat. A member who has a place on the street gave us some amazing fish quesadilla things. Super dang good. Don't know what kind of fish, avocado, salsa, lime, some special sauce, all in a little tortilla and fried. yum. Also this day 2 people stopped us on the street and asked us what it is we teach. So there was some notable success that day.

The first Sunday was good as well. We live very close to the church, which is the stake center.  They have  the classes first, and sacrament meeting last. It has been a very long time since I have had that. In priesthood I had to sit next to a guy who smelled just ripe and I swear he kept getting closer to me every minute, so didn't enjoy that too much. We had an attendance of 77. Better than Carrera. The ward is really good, and there are lots of members willing and ready to work with us which is awesome. Our stake had a training with Pres. Anaya this night as well which was really good. The same as the one we had in Centenario but now it was this stakes turn, so I got it twice.

Todays p day was much needed. We accomplished some good things today. Early we went to Walmart, and met up with Elder Bocanegra and his new comp Elder Taylor. We ate breakfast at krispy creme then bought many things in Walmart. There hasn't been anything  of food in the house all week, so I bought lots to make up for it. We bought lots of stuff to start a deep cleaning session this afternoon as well. It was good to see Elder Bocanegra again and talk. He is recovering pretty good, and will get all his bandages and nails taken out in a month. But it was super funny because guess who else we found in Walmart? The Eldas! haha I heard Zoe yell papa!!! I was like it cant be. . but it was. Crazy coincidence. Long week without seeing them. Haha next Monday I am gonna return to Carrera to visit them and eat breakfast with them. So I am already looking forward to that. Then we came back and cleaned our house for hours. I pretty proud  of how it turned out. Now it is livable. haha. E Bocanegra and E Jensen were going to Tepito today. It is like the worlds largest black market. I have been wanting to go my whole time here, and they invited me but didn't have time. We will go in the next few weeks. You can find anything in the whole world to buy there. Missionaries have even seen jaguars and mini submarines there. But it is dangerous. meh.

But that was basically my week and day. Lots of changes. It is gonna take some time to get adjusted, but i will get there.

Well i hope you guys all have a great week. Happy birthday max!! Donkey Kong birthday should be fun. I want lots of pics. I will look for the package. Grilling steaks just sounds wonderful right about now. And a break from the super hot would be pretty nice as well. haha

Well I love you all,  talk to you next week!

Elder Elgan

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