Monday, March 31, 2014

Enjoying Mexican Life

Hello everybody!

Well another week and month have come and gone, and I'm still here enjoying the Mexican life. Today was a bit crazy trying to get everything done, so that's why I was a little bit later than usual. Sounds like you guys had a great week! Max's birthday looked super fun! Loved the cake! haha looked super fun. Well, love ya Max buddy hope you had a super great birthday! Wish I could have been there. Sunday looked super fun. Miss playing games in the wintery weather like crazy! Glad you found my house on google maps haha I live in the worst part of the area. . of course. Look on the streets Claudio Castro, and the one next to it Brawlio something, don't remember. There are some really nice houses on those.

Everything is going really good though! I am still adjusting to the area and Elder Lopez. But I feel a lot better about everything now.  We are still meeting lots of new people from the ward, and I really am starting to like my area a lot. There are a lot of great members in the ward. We have some pretty good investigators as well but we need more. We have 4 main inv. Paty who is our neighbor who really likes the message of the gospel a lot and knows its true shes pretty cool but we can only go certain times when her husband isn't home because he doesn't like us much. We have Isreal who's family are members. He wants to be baptized and has been to church his 5 times, but still feels he needs to prepare mas. Jessica who is pretty golden. Her boyfriend is stake secretary so she is getting introduced through him. She will be baptized her in the next few weeks. And Beatriz who knows these things are true and wants to be baptized as well but has never come to church so its a bit difficult.

We had a very interesting lesson with a member this week. He use to be ward secretary but now is inactive and Buddhist. At first I was like ya he's crazy but he has me more convinced that anyone else on why he believes what he believes. It was pretty intense. haha He was saying a bunch of crazy stuff about how Adam and Eve were actually black, Jesus as well, how reincarnation is real and many more crazy things. He left the church when he noticed the bishop was stealing a lot of the money from the ward and he was like that ain't right then got into Buddhism. It's whatever.

We took our investigator Isreal to the visitors center this week which was awesome. It was super good for him, and it reaffirmed that this is what he wants for his family. I love the video of the family they show in there so much. Don't think its possible that anyone could watch it without crying. . seriously. Elder Lopez is like a 3 yr old all hyped up on mtn dew when were in there. Elder Lopez, its cool but not that cool, just calm down. ha

Saturday we had a priesthood BBQ. It was really good lots of people went. We had to leave 2 times for appointments that we had but we had a good time grilling steak (Mexican version), chicken, and sausage. I made the guacamole, an hermana taught me how. My hand has been so sore all week from grinding it all by hand in those stone bowls with a rock thing. My fingers burned all day from the chilies. But it was dang good.

We have had water problems all week in our house, we only have it like 1 hr each day for who knows why so that is a bit frustrating. Oh and btw our rent is $2500 pesos. But I like the house a lot more now than I did at first. A guy came and sprayed it all for bugs with was nice. He said we had one of the cleanest houses of all the missionaries :)

It has rained every day this week I think, always in the afternoons. Love the rain, but not in the mission. And my umbrella broke. Piece of junk. haha but its all good.

Sunday was really good. Our church is 2 floors and I fell up the stairs hard core. It was bad. haha. Got the suit a little dirty and scraped up my ankles a bit but you know, that's me. I met a super awesome family who just got back from Utah. They aren't members but there family members are. They are going to move to UT because they love it so much there. We ate with an hermana who cooks really good. She made us pombasos on my request. They are always watching cake boss and things like that just make me want to be a chef and nothing else. haha Didn't think I would miss the kitchen so much.

Today was really good, this morning I made a little trip back to Carrera and we ate breakfast with the Elda's. They made us pancakes and we visited for a while. Then we went to the offices and got my package! I still haven't opened it yet, but I will tonight. Then we came back, went to Walmart, and are now writing. It was a bit crazy but it all worked out pretty good.

Well that's about it for the week. Love you all and hope you all have a great first week of April!

Elder Elgan

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