Monday, March 3, 2014

No Pain, No Gain

Happy March Everybody!

Well this week sure flew by, and not necessarily because it was good. haha no it was pretty rough because me and Elder Bocanegra were sick allll week. We could barely stand up Tuesday morning bc our whole body hurt and we were sick to our stomachs. The pain went away fast but we have still been pretty sick all week. I am finally better now though. We went to the doctor and he gave us a bunch of drugs and a special diet that I am not going to follow bc its ridiculous. haha Right after we left I bought (or rather were given to us by our awesome churro investigator) churros cuz I wanted them and I was like, um ya probably not gonna follow that whole special diet thing. So that was a big distraction to the work this week, and the lessons really went down (think we had 24) bc there were just moments when we couldn't walk or teach anything. We used a lot of movies to teach this week bc we didn't have the energy to teach a whole lesson. I lost a bit of weight and now am back to normal :) But oh well this is a new week and I am fine now. 

Every time we ate this week with members was just awful. haha not because of the food, but it just hurt my stomach to eat much especially the crappy grease they usually give us. Good thing we had Elda for Thursday and not Lucy bc I could only finish the soup and rice and not any of the main dish. If we ate with Lucy I would have died. One day we ate with a hermana and she gave us KFC which was good but not for the stomach. We had to get a taxi to go home bc we couldn't make the walk. haha it was rough especially because he only took us half the way and said that he couldn't go any farther. So we ended up having to walk anyway. 

On the bright side, we baptized again yesterday! It was another super busy Sunday, we were running the whole time. We had studies, then church, (confirmed Teresa), then we filled the font, had a hamburger and fries party with like 7 hermanas from the ward, then had the baptismal service. It was a good service. It was combined with Elder Jenson's ward bc he had a baptism as well. We baptized Aide, who was a reference from the Visitors Center. She was pretty golden from the beginning, with doing all the commitments we left her and more. She shared a pretty powerful testimony at her baptism. That always makes a missionary happy. Also I got pretty happy in another lesson we had this week. We found a new investigator Oscar, a friend of Royed. We were teaching him with Royed who has just been so freaking difficult for months but Royed was actually supporting everything we were saying and helping us teach. I was a little in shock. I know Royed is going to be baptized one day, just a very slow process with him. Ah I will be sooo happy the day that he does get baptized. 

Today was all right. We had a zone activity that was pretty lame. haha.  It was fine, we just played soccer forever, then 4 square water balloon and blanket edition. Super tired after all that time in the sun. Then we went to Walmart and found Elder Rodriguez there by coincidence. He had emergency back surgery this week! Crazy he went in to the doctor and right there they said you are going into surgery right now. They didnt put him out or anything and it was a fledged surgery. Like a 6 inch incision on his lower back. He is ok now though. He even worked in his area that day when they told him to rest for 2 weeks. He is a good missionary nothing will stop him. haha  

Well thats basically my week, not too exciting. Your week at home sounds much more exciting. Moab looked super fun! I miss the outdoors soo much. I just want to be in the mountains. Enough of this cement jungle life. haha. It is warming up there, well here as well. Every week it seems to be hotter here, I'm not loving it. 

Dad hope you had a great birthday. Wish you could have had real mexican tacos, not the crappy american kind. :) haha Cant believe the kids in the picture. They all look 2 years older. Especially Ellie and Nix. And Sadie with her super long hair. haha 

Glad everybody likes the letter, just as long as they know they are very edited on the blog. haha if only they read the originals, haha jkjk 

Dad to answer your question, yes we take the metro a lot. For lots of missionaries its all they use. But we take it to downtown, malls, things like that only on pday. Martin Carrera is a pretty major metro station so lots of people know my area for that reason. 

Here is my Ben Elgan wisdom of the week. Something I remember from the MTC, so I have probably already said it. Knowing and not doing is worse than not knowing. If you know something is right, why would you not do it? Think about it. 

Well everybody hope you have a great week. I love and miss you all

Elder Elgan

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