Monday, March 10, 2014

Short and Sweet

Well hello everybody

This is gonna be a short letter today because I am writing from President Anayas iPhone. Elder Bocanegra had a little accident today playing soccer and ended up breaking his wrist. So we have been in the hospital all day with that. He is gonna have surgery today but who knows when. The lack of communication hére is epic. But now we are just chilling hére in the hospital room with president waiting for the surgery. This hospital is súper nice though. The Room is like the Logan Rooms after the peeps have their babies. So ya … I don't know if I will be able to write You guys again tomorrow or not to actually read your letters and tell You guys about the week. But who knows. It was a really good week though, much better than last week. But  a quick overview is that ya I miss Home a lot, but this work is really important to me and I know I am hére because the Lord has called me hére and I have a purpose to fulfill hére. :) there is Lot of things to say, and I Will see if I can't email Home tomorrow if I can when Elder Bocanegra writes Home. If we are  out of the hospital by then … We'll see but its all good.

Until we talk again

Love Elder Elgan

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