Monday, August 18, 2014


Hello everybody!

Well can you believe it?? It has been a whole year. Crazy. I don't know how to feel about it. It has gone by fast, but it seems like so long since I have seen you guys. Its crazy how much I have learned and the person I have become in just 1 year. This next year is gonna fly by, I'm sure of it!

This week was crazy. But GUESS WHAT??. . we did it. 60 Lessons! We worked so hard all week to be able to accomplish it. Tuesday in our district class Elder Silverio and I committed ourselves to achieve it. And I learned that when we are committed and determined to do something, the Lord will prepare the way. There were some really difficult days this week when none of the plans came through, we had to contact lots in the street and really follow the spirit to be able to find those 60 people/families to teach. But I'm happy we finally reached it. Its hard because every single lesson needs to be effective, because 60 lessons doesn't mean anything if they don't help those who we are teaching progress in the gospel.

I learned that as missionaries we are just little chess pieces in Gods big game. Sometimes we don't know why some things happen, or why appointments fall through, but then he puts someone right in our way who needs what we have so much more in that moment than that person did. God is in control, and everything that happens here has its purpose.

We had house inspections this week and Pres and Hna Anaya said that ours was perfect. Ya I know. haha jk He said the only thing we could improve was some paint touch ups. Whoops so sorry Pres forgot to go by the paint store on Monday. haha

Everything took a big u turn Saturday night when Elder Rodriguez called me crying crying saying that his mom was in the hospital. She was having heart complications and other things due to her lack of care with her diabetes. She was here in the city and so Elder Rodriguez went and saw her and his family there. It was so hard on him. And me being his best friend here in the mission was involved in all of it. He has passed through so many hard things lately its crazy. Today I went to visit him because he was doing divisions with my ZL because their area is really close to the hospital. I was with him all day, and he wasn't doing so good. We went to the hospital and he saw her again and was scared, nervous, sad, about what was gonna happen, and that he couldn't do anything about it being here in the mission. I took him to eat to Panda at Buenavista, the big mall close by here. But just 2 min ago he called me and his family just called him and said she is going to be fine, and her surgeries went great, and he doesn't need to worry, so that was much needed. But the rest of the day after was crazy trying to get everything done. And now I don't even have more time to write, I have to go work. I wish I had more time, but what do ya do.

Loved hearing from you all this week, sounds like things should get back to normal this week with school starting and all that fun stuff. Keep me updated!

Love you all tons, have a super great week.
Elder Elgan :D

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