Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Not too Shabby!

This is my lazy comp doing weekly planning from the couch. Ha!

We be cool!

 Elder Silverio wanted to take this pic with the paper that says "Hi Elgans!"

Elder Silverio with our food 

 Hello Again!

Well another week has flown by and its time to write again! It was a really good week, and it sounds like yours was too! So yes, I officially have less than one year left! Crazy. Yes mother transfers are on August 4, but the missionaries who go home leave the Saturday before transfers. But it I'm guessing it should be finalized around new year. We have interviews in January and that's usually when we figure those things out. But anywho, Stanley sounded super fun! Loved all the pics. Glad Britt and girls made it home, and baby Lincoln got blessed.

We continue to teach lots of lessons here. We still haven't reached 60, but we are well within the 50s. This week is the week. haha The only thing is trying to make sure that all of these lessons are effective lessons that help the investigators and other peeps progress in the gospel and we are not just teaching for numbers. Its so frustrating when we work so hard all week then by the end of the week, they don't go to church, so they are not progressing, and their bap. dates fall through. So we are trying to do what we can to help them all progress and keep their commitments that they make with us. If all goes as planned we should be baptizing the next few weeks every Sunday.

Everything is going really good with Elder Silverio. We're pretty good friends now. He's a good person. We are working really hard together and I think we are gonna accomplish many things together. The best part is that he speaks English. haha Almost all of the Dominicans speak it. So its just a lot of Spanglish with him.

We had some really good food this week. Hermana Xochiquetzal always cooks so good for us and we ate with her 2 times this week. She made us a lasagna but instead of noodles and all the other stuff it was layers of thinly cut potatoes, chicken breast, broccoli, and cheese. You should make it. One day these one members who most definitely have money took us (in their Mercedes) to a Mexican restaurant. It seemed about 7 stars to me, but it was about like Cafe Sabor on a scale of niceness. I ate something called Alambre, one of my favs here. Look it up and make that too :) It even came with flour tortillas. (Yes those are rare here, its all crappy corn tortillas that taste just as good as Mexico City smells) haha. One day this week an hermana gave us a lil bowl scrambled egg in a red salsa. That was it. I was like oh how cute. All for me? How gracious.

Saturday was a really hard day. Saturdays are always the worst. Me and Elder Silverio were SO tired. I think we were like those "walking dead" people. The sun was so strong I felt like I was turning into chicharon. (Look it up) Elder Silverio wanted to give up and go sit down in a park but I wouldn't allow it. How rude. It was tempting but that's just what the diablo wants us to do. Darn diablo. On top of that we were fasting and I was so dehydrated. There was one moment when I had the water bottle up to my lips but Elder Silverio wouldn't let me. How rude. Darn diablo again. Good thing we have companions, wouldn't be able to do it without one. haha

Sunday was good. All the youth had just gotten back from EFY so it was all basically their testimonies of how wonderful it was. We went to the visitors center with some investigators and converts and that was super good. I love going there so much.

Today was a chill pday. We went early and played basketball with E. Murphy/Jiminez and a member who played college ball. Then we came back and me and Silverio rearranged lots of things in the house and had a deep cleaning session. You know its official when your cleanin under the fridge. Even though I can basically pick up my fridge with one arm. It was still official. Then we went to Walmart and bought a ton of food. Elder Silverio spent about half of his monthly money. haha We ate lunch in Subway. Then we came back and chilled in the house before coming to write. We are hoping to teach 5 lessons in the 3 hours we have to work after this so hopefully that all goes well.

Well that about does it for me! Oh Brandi, I got your letter and pics! Loved um. I had to rearrange my pic collage above my desk to get some baby Linc in there. Love hearing about your weeks and reading your emails! Keep  um comin!

Love you all tons, have an excellent week!

Elder Elgan

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