Monday, August 25, 2014

Hola! Hola!

This is me on one year,

  and with the fruit of the cactus, called tuna,
that is super popular and super good this time of year

Hello Everybody!

Well another week has flown by and it was another busy one! We didn't quite reach 60 again, only 52 but I'm fine with it, if they are effective lessons, I'm not complaining. We should have some baptisms coming up, the next 6 weeks actually if everything goes as planned. I'm pretty excited for that. This Sunday we will baptize Hector, who is the nephew of the Hermana Lety. He has been pretty tough, considering he is Christian. But after he went to Cuernavaca for 2 months he came back (which is a miracle in of itself) and said he wants to be baptized and has received a testimony and knows all these things are true. The next week will be Elvira,  who's life has been changed with this gospel. It makes me so happy to see so many great converts to this gospel based on the work we are doing.

It feels good to have the one year mark behind me now. The countdown has begun. haha If this year goes by as fast as the last one did I will be home before I know it. For my one year mark I was in divisions with Elder Murphy all day and we worked in his area. It was fun. The next morning we went and ate breakfast and had our studies in a restaurant called Toks.

We had some good teaching experiences. We taught a rasta which was a first. Their beliefs are kinda crazy. They have some crazy Ethiopian god, and their dredlocks are like their most prized possession. He likes the weed, so it will be quite the process to get him baptized. I really like having new experiencias like that,  I learn lots of new things. We really have to rely on the spirit that it will let us know how we need to apply the lessons and teachings to them personally to help them progress in the gospel. 

Sunday was a super difficult day. The first part was good with church and all but after for some reason all of our plans and appointments fell through. It was raining and it was wet. Our investigator Fransisco told us he doesn't want to hear us anymore, and considering all we have been through with him that hurt, the people I contacted just wanted my money, and what else. . . haha ya it was rough but after those days are over, I am grateful for them.

Today was a fun day. We got up, cleaned the house, then went to our zone activity. We had a mission olympics which was pretty fun then after we played volleyball and grilled hamburgers. After we went to Walmart then came here to write. Pdays always go by so fast. But then again everything goes by fast here in the mission. FYI mother I used my debit card in Walmart today with the intention to get cash back, but they wouldn't let me. I'll have to get it from an atm again and hope they don't rob me. 

Sounds like everything is going great at home, and that fall is arriving. Everything seems to be back to normal now with school and all that. That's awesome you got to go to the Ogden Temple open house, I miss the temple. Ahh Kayla I want to be in those races with you, but they probably won't let me in now with all my fatness haha.

Well I love you all tons, have a super great week!
With lots of love,
Elder Elgan

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