Monday, August 11, 2014

These weeks be flying by...

I think I'm gonna need a new suit. . hahah

Me and my comp. .

Jorges baptism. Our bishop baptized him.

Querida Familia,

Well this week sure went by fast! They all are just flying by now. We are keeping really busy here, which is probably why its going by so fast. There were a few days I didn't have time to write in my journal which is usually where all my info for the email comes from so hopefully I'll remember everything that happened.

Most of the days this week it seems like we were just running the whole day trying to get all of our appointments in. We have lots of work which is really good! We are still having about 50 lessons a week average. We're trying to reach the goal of baptizing every week but its not a very easy thing to do, but I know we are gonna get there. We have lots of investigators which is the easy part, but trying to get them all to progress and get baptized is a bit more tricky. We had quite a few go to church this Sunday which I always love to see.

Sunday we baptized our investigator Jorge! So that's exciting. haha He is a pretty cool guy, he has assisted just about every church in the book and has had lots of crazy ideas from the beginning but it was great to see him come to realize that this church is true and that he needed to be baptized. He wanted to bring his own bap. clothes and they were kinda funny. They looked like some weird clothing but its all good whatever floats his boat. I'll send the pics. The only bad thing is that his wife and daughter don't want anything to do with us, so we are trying to work with them and teach them so they can be baptized too.

We had some more good food this week. One lady made us good Italian food. She made us a meatball and mushroom spaghetti, bread with a cherry balsamic and pesto and the whole 9 yards. I like when people know how to cook more that just Mexican. haha Its a nice change. One of my other new favorite foods here are called chilaquiles. They are like tortilla chips in a green salsa with cream and cheese and a whole bunch of goodness.

Today has been another chill pday. I think we have house inspections this week, so I had to clean it extra good today. :) Then we went to the mission offices to take some stuff in, went to Walmart, and everyone was going crazy cuz there are these big machines that you can take a coke can in and have your name put on it. I don't know if that is a thing in Utah but the line was about as long as the whole Walmart. Crazy! Then we came back and are now writing! Bayler leaves tomorrow for his mission to Chile so that's so exciting! Seems like I was just doing that.

Sounds like you have been pretty busy at home! Dad, good luck with your last weeks training for lotoja, if you think you are just a bit out of shape, you should see me, I get pretty winded going up to my 2nd floor apartment. haha And now your reorganizing the garden? That's cool, but remember you are supposed to either have the house remodel done or the bear lake cabin built before I come home, so don't get too ahead of yourself :) Well Kayla, look at you heading off to Jamaica for the week, and you call that work? haha.

Well that about does it. I hope you all have a great week!
Love Elder Elgan

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