Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Silver Comp (not golden, silver), and a Great Lesson Learned

Goodbye to Elder Lopez

 Elder fricas bday in Panda (they borrowed us the cleaver to cut the cake) ahah

Soccer with the Zone

Hello Dearest Family,

Well another week has gone by, and it was a pretty crazy one! So we were waiting for the changes news until about 930 Monday night. Then Elder Rodriguez called me and said Elder Lopez has changes! So that's how it went down. I stayed here in Industrial and got my new companion. Elder Silverio. Now I will have more than 1 year and just 2 areas. At this rate I'll only have 4 areas in the mission. haha. But I like my new comp a lot! He is from. . the Dominican Republic! About 30 min away from Punta Cana. Hes a pretty cool kid. He is a hard worker which I like and we get along great. I already have all my plans to go visit him in the DR and do a bunch of crazy stuff there with him. Now I have plans for after the mission in Mexico, Columbia, and DR. Too bad I'm gonna be a poor college student. I need to stop making friends with peeps from other countries. haha but it was a good first week with him.  

The Lord sure taught me a valuable lesson this week, that is his ways are different, and better, than my ways. I'm not gonna go into detail about all my problems and afflictions that I pass through here but one thing that I do know is that the Lord knows, and is in control. Sometimes I don't know why some things happen, but I need to have the faith and the confidence in the Lord that one day I will know why and that I will know that all these things were for my own good and blessing.

This week, as always, had its ups and downs in the work. There were days when we taught 9 or 10 lessons in one day, and Friday we only taught 4. I was pretty mad at the end of that day. haha. I don't like falling short, or looking back on a day and thinking what I could have accomplished if I would have just worked a little bit harder, or did something a little bit different. The worst kind of regret is seeing the things you could have done or what you could have achieved if you would have done something you didn't do. We all have mistakes and don't need to sit and cry about what we did, because the Lord teaches us from these mistakes, and we all have them. But we need to act today so that tomorrow I don't have to say, I wish I would have acted yesterday. I don't know if that makes sense or not. . but that's how I feel.
Today was a good, busy day. We played basketball at 6 in the morning with Murphy, Jimenez, and their investigator Williams. Williams is probably 6´4 and is a pretty good player. It was him, my comp, and Murphy's comp against me and Murphy. We played for tortas. And we won. Boo yah. After we came back to the house, cleaned, then went to Tlateloclo and played soccer with the zone. Then we came back, showered, and went to Panda Express to eat with Elder Rodriguez and Frica. It was Fricas bday today so that was special. We're always just hanging out with the APs now. haha E. Silverio is friends with E. Frica cuz they are both Dominicans so it was fun to be the 4 of us. I'll send some pics.

So I know I don't quite have a year in the mission yet, but if my calculations are correct (which they almost always are :)) I come home 1 YEAR from this Friday!! August 1 should be the day. So that's exciting.

I'm jealous that you guys are in Mormon Bend (mom and dad). That sounds super fun. Hope you have a great week up there. I love you all tons, and keep me updated on everything that's happening in your lives. K cool. Have a great week everybody! Be safe!

Elder Elgan

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