Monday, December 1, 2014

¡Feliz Diciembre!

Mexico City Temple    

Hello to all!

Well December is already here, can't believe it. The year is gonna be over before I know it. I guess we're officially in Christmas season which is exciting. This week was extra fast considering I wrote last Wednesday. Lets see if I can remember what happened. . 

The biggest event was Sunday in the lighting of the Temple Square. We were in the Choir for the very private event just for area presidents, stake presidents, mission presidentes and families. We sang Silent Night, Little Drummer boy, and the EFY medley. It went pretty good. At the last second they said our choir could only be 30 missionaries and there were about 50 so they had to make some cuts. But I made it through. haha The devotional was pretty good, the temple president talked and an area 70. The temple is really pretty all lit up. Nothing like Salt Lake but oh well its the second best. haha. Me and Elder Rodriguez and Elder Bocanegra were together in the choir which was pretty fun. 

Everything is going pretty good in our area, me and Elder Guillen work really well together. We contacted a ton this week and had lots of new investigators. Our investigator Alberto should get baptized this Sunday so we hope all goes well with him! We struggled with getting many of our progressing investigators to church which was kind of a setback but if all goes as planned we should have various baptisms and families ready for this month. 

Today was kinda crazy with our zone activity. I got all stressed out trying to plan it. haha. It went ok. We had some little games (including our newspaper/gift/dice/glove game), played soccer, grilled hamburgers, and had a little devotional. I'm glad its over. Now were trying to plan our special number/skit that we have to do for the stake Christmas activity, and our mission activity. I hope all goes well. 

Well thanksgiving sounded fun. I didn't celebrate it really, tried to just forget about it actually. Just remembered the importance of giving thanks for all my many blessings of course :) Hope Ellie had a super great birthday, that sucks she had to be sick. That's no fun. 

So what is this news about Brandi and Brandon. I'm gonna come home and nobody is gonna be there. haha. We are gonna turn into Dad's side of the family when we see each other 2 times a year if we're lucky. haha jk  But that's really great news for Brandon. But sad for us :/ oh well. . 

Well I love you all and hope you have a super great week! Only 8 months from today and I'll be home! 

With lots of love,
Elder Elgan

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