Monday, December 8, 2014

Feliz Lunes!

Hello to all! 

Well another week has gone by, and everything continues to go good here in lovely Mexico. I sure do miss Christmas season but from what it sounds like it doesn't feel too much like Christmas with all the warm weather! That's no good. I sure hope it snows a lot next year. haha. 

It was a pretty normal week, we worked hard and had lots of success. One of the highlights was our zone leader council. It was 7 hrs long on Friday but really good. The goal for the mission has been that every companionship needs to baptize 2 families. All the zone leaders reported their goals for December and President Anaya was less than satisfied. He said "Now make new goals, but with faith this time." Ha it was good, so we ended up with a goal of 42 baptisms and 14 families as a zone. We really feel like we can do it. If we can find prepared families, we can baptize them with only 3 or 4 attendances in the church. President really made us realize that miracles exist and that we can meet these goals. I believe it and I'm ready to do it. That same afternoon with the 4 hrs we had to work we contacted 15 new people and found 3 new families! It was awesome. If we commit ourselves to do something and we ask for it in prayer, God will provide the way! Its true. 

Another highlight of the week was the Christmas devotional from the First Presidency. It was super good. I was basically sitting in the same place, same chapel as last year when I was watching it. Thought that was crazy. Time goes by so fast. I told everybody they had to go to hear the prophet, but he didn't even speak so that was a bummer. haha Oh well. 

Sunday was pretty good, even though many of our new families fell through and didn't go to church. We were trying to implement what Elder Valenzuela of the 70 told us we had to do to strengthen our wards, and this hermano started say that we were trying to build castles in the air, and who knows what and I got pretty mad. Oh well. If they want to keep being the same, go for it. I tried. haha. We had to change our baptism from yesterday to next sunday but oh well. 

Yesterday we had quite the experience with a very faithful Jehovah's Witness. He was basically just trying to show us how we are wrong the Jehovah isn't Christ, stuff about Joseph Smith and barely would let us talk. I knew we weren't gonna get anywhere with him unless he could feel the spirit. I remember at the first of my mission when we had those types of experiences I always began to doubt. Now I don't. When he was saying all that I could just feel that I was in the truth. It was really special actually. I just felt so proud and happy for what I knew, but sad at the same time for him that he would not open up his heart to feel and know the truth. It just shows to me that my faith has grown SO much on the mission. 

Sounds like lots of changes at home, everything sounds pretty busy. Yes, hopefully I can get my package soon. Have fun babysitting this weekend Mom and Dad! 

Well love you all, and have a super great week!

Love Elder Elgan

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