Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Navidad and a Feliz New Year!

Remember this place, the first post office in Mexico that we went to like a year ago? 
We went back! 

Well Hello!

I sure hope you all had a very merry Christmas! Sounds like you did! It was so great to talk to you guys on Christmas. Every call just gets a little bit easier. haha By the time the next call rolls around, I'll be wrapping it all up. haha. Sorry it could only be 40 minutes, we cant all break missionary handbook rules like Regan and talk for 5 hours. haha. jkjk That's just how Pres. Anaya is. Conner said that their president let them watch movies with members, oh how that would never happen here. Oh well my Christmas was all right. I felt kind of crappy after throwing up Christmas Eve turkey dinner. For the rest of the week I was kinda sick to my stomach. But I finally feel more or less normal again. We went to the visitors center on Christmas eve with Javier and Jazmine which was great, but other than that both days we were just working normally all day. There were many times that I just wanted to rest, or play a game, or something but I just had to keep working. . oh well its worth it. Next Christmas will be very different :) Oh and I loved the package and presents from everybody, thanks to all :) 

Well our investigators didnt get baptized. haha during the week they got into a big fight, drunk alchocol, and broke up. But the next day we resolved their issues, went to church together, and now are planning on getting married this week and baptized this Sunday. Hope all goes well. Haha sometimes I feel like a marriage counselor. We had some other frustrations with progressing investigators this week, but oh well, we should have lots of things lined up for January. 

This is the last week of the transfer, and next week are changes, so that means pday is on Wednesday, so plan on that! I have no idea if I'll have changes, I hope not. Since this area has been of zone leaders, there hasn't been a single zone leader that has lasted more than 3 cycles here, so who knows, I would be the first. I am really frustrated with my companion, I remember saying that he was really easy to get along with, but ya not really. We are both very strongwilled and want the things done in our way, and our ways are very different. We are always contending, so I'm kinda sick of that but we just need to work out our differences. I was about ready to do . . very unholy things to him yesterday trying to plan for today, its always a battle. But oh well. . we trying to do better. 

Today we went to downtown Mexico City which was really great. Us and Elder Rodriguez and his comp had planned from a long time ago to go this day, so we went and met up there. We ate lunch at a restaurant overlooking Zocalo, and then shopped a little bit, and it was pretty fun. Good little break. 

Well I love you all, and hope you have a very happy new year! It will be the best year ever :) Thanks for all the pics, the call, and the love! Have a great week! Talk to you on Wednesday, hopefully from Victoria! 

Love Elder Elgan

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