Monday, December 22, 2014

¡Feliz Navidad! :D

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! 

Cant believe Christmas is already here again. The year sure went by fast! Last Christmas away from home. . And in 7 more months and a week I'll be home! Crazy. Well I'm glad I'm not home if there is no snow! That's just depressing. It better snow next year. . It makes it a lot easier being in Mexico because it just feels the same as the rest of the year. At home the spirit in the air seems to change,  here it doesn't. But oh well Christmas is a great opportunity in the mission to focus on the true meaning, and realize how grateful I am for the life we have at home, it's seriously the best. 

This week was pretty good, we seemed to have lots of distractions and things that took us out of our area but overall it was pretty good. We had Jose's baptism! It was super good, we had it on Saturday so he could be confirmed on Sunday because he left for vacations today. Last year the week of and after Christmas were the worst ever because everybody and their dog goes on vacation, and want to leave this awful city and to to the beaches. Hope it all goes well. Not many people went to his baptism, but it turned out pretty good nonetheless. His grandpa baptized him, and got an infection from the nasty Mexico tap water. So he was in the hospital Sunday afternoon, but they gave him some shots and he's ok now. Ha so that was interesting. 

Today was our mission Christmas activity! Well for 4 zones at least. We had half a pday on Saturday and had the activity until 3:00 today. It was good, we had a little devotional, talent show, and ate carnitas. (tacos of pig). I decided to take a little risk and put one of the advices in my patriarchal blessing to the test about music. Elder Guillen sings really good and loves David Archulletas Glorious (in the new meet the Mormons movie??) So I went online and printed off the sheet music, and it's not the easiest song to play and I only had about 2 or 3 hours of practice in total but I learned it and we preformed it today! It wasn't perfect, but it turned out pretty dang good for the little practice we had. 

We continue finding many new people to teach, almost too many its hard to keep them all straight. Next week if everything goes good we should baptize a couple named Javier and Jazmine. Really great both of them, but they need to overcome their alcohol addiction. Shouldn't be a problem though, they've already progressed a ton, and with this week they should be good. 

Well I guess I will talk to y'all Thursday!! So you want me to call at 3 or 4 our time... deal. I will call around 5:00 my time which is 4:00 Your time. I think we are gonna call from our converts Jose and Martha's house. So I'm super excited for that!!

Well I love you all tons, I'm gonna miss you guys a lot this week but its ok, next Christmas I'll be there. haha I just hope we can all can take a minute, a day, or the whole week to be thinking about Christ and his great sacrifice for us and how much our Heavenly Father loves us for giving him. 

Love you all, have a super merry Christmas, and talk to you on Thursday!!!

Love Elder Elgan

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